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Image by Anastasia Sklyar
Image by Hert Niks

Our Story

Get to Know Us

In Greek mythology, an owl perched on Athena's shoulder, guarding her blind side. Thus, the owl became Athena's symbol, embodying wisdom and inspiring our name. 

Welcome to our world of nighttime adventures, where Athens reveals its hidden treasures under the stars. Get ready to explore the many facets of this magnificent city with our tours that showcase its diverse charms.


Our mission is all about bringing people together, fostering real connections, and making friendships bloom. To make this happen, we keep our groups small and cozy, so everyone can truly be seen, heard, and embraced. Creating a magical atmosphere where genuine encounters thrive is what we're all about.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, and let the spirit of Athens inspire you. Our ultimate aspiration is for you to fall in love with this wonderful city, just as we have.

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